Colours charities

Here at Colours we value Charities

As a Charity, the importance of having a recognisable brand cannot be stated highly enough. This is of the upmost importance, as it will make your charity stand out from the pack.

Here at Colours International, we value charities. That is why we offer our generous discount of 15% off all orders which allows us to help you expand your reach and have a greater impact. The offer is available to all charity organisations.

Wait! We also offer excellent price breaks on all of our garments, which means that the more clothing and accessories you buy, the more money you’ll save. These are ideal for planning fundraising events because you’ll not only benefit from our excellent price break system, you’ll also receive a further 15% off, meaning that your money, and therefore your message, can go so much further!

If you are interested and you are a registered charity, you can sign up for our charity programme by filling out the form. Once we have your details, we’ll generate a unique promotional code and email it directly to you within few working days. You can then log in, place the order online and enter your promo code at the checkout.

For more information:
Visit our website:
Contact us at: or +353 (01) 450 4377

Colours International

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