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What is Sublimation

All you need to know about Sublimation ... First of all, you might be wondering what is sublimation? ublimation is the process by which sublimation dyes are printed onto a transfer medium with a specially prepared inkjet printer. Thereafter, those dyes are then transferred from the medium to an object or garment under the heat… Continue reading What is Sublimation

DTG printing, What is

All you need to know about DTG

What is Digital Printing Unlike traditional screen printing, digital print allows for non-minimum quantity. Full-colour photographic work and intricate designs are easily accomplished in greater detail. Economies of scale do not apply for digital printing due to the process involved. If you require a small run for a promo or upcoming photo shoot. digital printing… Continue reading All you need to know about DTG

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What is Embroidery

EMBROIDERY   What is Embroidery? Embroidery is the art of stitching your design onto whatever garments you require. With embroidery, the key ingredient is the stitch count and the size of your logo. In saying this, a left breast embroidery will cost less than a large embroidery on the back! Embroidery is most often seen on caps,… Continue reading What is Embroidery

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What is Screen Printing

SCREEN PRINTING What is Screen Printing? Screen printing is a print method that makes use of a ‘screen’ through which ink is pressed onto the surface of the fabric. This is a  technique that requires three things: A screen A squeegee  Ink Screen printing uses a polyester woven mesh to maintain an ink-blocking stencil in… Continue reading What is Screen Printing


How Your Cause Can Use T-Shirts to Raise Money

Using Merchandise to Fundraise You may be wondering how your nonprofit can offer merchandise to supporters as they can be a great way to reach more people and start conversions about your cause. Because a nice t-shirt can save a life, you have to think about getting comfortable, inexpensive, and nice merchandise. Here are a few… Continue reading How Your Cause Can Use T-Shirts to Raise Money

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Wearing a uniform will make your mornings easier

Wearing uniforms for the office in the morning takes off time and energy, which is why the concept of a “work uniform”. Whether you’ve accepted a job where you’ll need to wear a uniform or if you’re involved in deciding whether to change your company’s dress code to require uniforms. There are many reasons why an employer… Continue reading Wearing a uniform will make your mornings easier

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Why Embroider Your Clothes

Why Embroider Your Clothes? Embroidery is a skill that has been in existence since the 5th Century, this is the time period when it became fashionable to wear decorated clothing. Because of the complexity of doing it properly, and the skills required to do so, embroidery was seen as a sign of high social standing… Continue reading Why Embroider Your Clothes

Brand awareness

It’s all about your brand.  

Colours International is the leading supplier of bespoke clothing in Ireland; Our extensive range of promotional clothing, corporate clothing and workwear enable you to find the perfect garment for your needs. Our clothing items are embroidered or screen printed in-house in Dublin 12. By using our own embroidery and screen printing facilities, we ensure the right… Continue reading It’s all about your brand.  


Here at Colours we value Charities

As a Charity, the importance of having a recognisable brand cannot be stated highly enough. This is of the upmost importance, as it will make your charity stand out from the pack. Here at Colours International, we value charities. That is why we offer our generous discount of 15% off all orders which allows us to help… Continue reading Here at Colours we value Charities