Are you stumped by a few people on your Christmas list? Do you give the same type of gifts every year but worry you’re becoming predictable? Why not give something you’ve had personalised that they will treasure always? The more personal a gift is, the more likely it will become something close to the recipient’s heart.

Here are some fantastic gift ideas that you can have personalised with printing or embroidery that will be a refreshing change from the usual gifts.

Embroidered Christmas Stockings – If a friend or relative has had a new baby, you should consider presenting them with their very first Christmas stocking. You can have the year and something like “Darren’s First Christmas” embroidered on it. They are not only for new babies, as they can be a nice gift for any member of the family. Instead of the same old red with white trim, you could opt for work boots or ballet slippers with special holiday messages embroidered on them.

A Love Story – There are lots of great sites out there that will allow you to make a gift book. You can present your significant other with your love story, make a thank you book for a friend or create a story staring your kids. There’s also a great site where kids can make gift books of their own, complete with their own drawings, what grandparent could resist this?

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Embroidery is a skill that has been in existence since the 5th Century, this is the time period when it became fashionable to wear decorated clothing. Because of the complexity in doing it properly, and the skills required to do so, embroidery was seen as a sign of high social standing throughout the Medieval Islamic lands. To have embroidered garments was synonymous with wealth and power.   Embroidered items found their way onto many types of apparel from clothing to handkerchiefs and horse trappings, it branched out massively as the skill became more widespread.

While embroidery is a difficult and time-consuming process to carry out, it is not just resigned to small designs on small areas of cloth. The Bayeux Tapestry measures an enormous 230 feet in length and depicts five separate scenes from the Norman conquest of England, all of it embroidered on linen cloth.

Embroidery is desirable because it is far more hard wearing than simply colouring a garment, and has distinct possibilities for creating recurring patterns and shapes. An embroidered design can take a piece of cloth and transform it into something wonderful, colourful and textural.

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Every business owner wants to do their very best to make their business venture as successful and as profitable as it possibly can be. Promoting the brand name and company products can play a key role in the success of any business.

Custom promotional products designed or printed with a company’s logo will help promote a business to its potential customers. They are a means of getting a company name out there by introducing it to a huge number of people, and all at an incredibly low lost.

Here are just some of the benefits of promotional products:


Promotional products can be presented in a huge variety of different methods. They can come in the form of branded uniforms, pens, note pads, key rings, mugs etc. It is up to the business owner what items he/she would like to brand.


The exposure a company obtains through its promotional products is invaluable. The return on investment received is well worth the initial costs that are involved. Regular advertising can be considerably expensive and not as effective as the use of promotional products.

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The topic of uniformity can often make people feel like they have no sense of individuality while wearing said uniform, but there are many reasons why uniforms are important in the workplace and many benefits to the company and its’ employees by the implementation of staff wearing of uniforms.

By having a uniform in the workplace the company gets a clearer sense of brand and free advertising, as well as giving the business a perception of being professional. From multinational giants like McDonalds down to a small local business with a basic logo on their uniforms, their brands are being worn and, therefore, promoted by their staff.

Uniforms can also eliminate the hassle of deciding what to wear for the employee and they eliminate the extra cost of a person buying clothes specifically for work. Many companies provide their employees with a free uniform so there is no extra expense on the employee.

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As a Charity, the importance of having a recognisable brand cannot be stated highly enough. This is of the upmost importance, as it will make your charity stand out from the pack.

Brand recognition is huge for any business, and a charity should be no different. There was a survey done recently with school children as the focus. Each child was shown a number of brand logos, and nothing more. They were asked to name the business that the logo referred to. Of all the logos shown, there were very few wrong answers amongst all the children. This is the power of brand recognition.

It may be a good idea to hire somebody in the graphic design field, to help create your logo. There are many sites online, where graphic designers work on a freelance basis. This is a very convenient option and is usually many times less expensive than hiring a design company to complete the project. The results should be just as good as those that a big design company could produce and even if the design you are presented with is not to your taste, the service would have been so inexpensive that you could afford to deploy a trial and error approach with more than one designer to complete the project.

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The time when we pull out that favourite colour Tee Shirt, Polo Shirt, Fleece or Hoodie….  that we all love to wear and relax in on these long lazy hazy summer days….   why not do something different this year and follow the recent reported “celebrity trend..” who are ditching  social media for a time…  the celebs it seems these days are “saying it on the Tee..”    instead of  on Twitter and other social media channels…. just look at L’il Mo…  who recently has taken to expressing herself and her comments printed on her Tee Shirt and Hoodies…!!!
Do you have something you wanna say or communicate a point in a “non verbal” way but just as effective….?  then why not Let Colours.ie print what you want to say on a Tee Shirt, Sweatshirt or Hoodie….
This current trend is not new to us a  Colours.ie…. we  have been printing what people want to say on Tee Shirts, Sweats and Hoodies for over 20 years now and we think we are pretty expert at it now…!!  We have a broad range of clothing that we can customize with your own personal message… so you can express yourself and be fashionable at the same time.  Or perhaps you have a whole group or team that all need to express a message or comment or advertise a special event etc etc…   then we would love to hear from you and show you what we can do…
We have a very experienced team of people including Designers who can help formalize your concept or design idea.. through to our fast and efficient production team…  we deliver a quality product at a competitive price and on time, every time….    Why not give a call and ..   Let Colours.ie print what you want to say and wear…….”

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