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Wearing a uniform will make your mornings easier

Wearing uniforms for the office in the morning takes off time and energy, which is why the concept of a “work uniform”. Whether you’ve accepted a job where you’ll need to wear a uniform or if you’re involved in deciding whether to change your company’s dress code to require uniforms. There are many reasons why an employer… Continue reading Wearing a uniform will make your mornings easier


Importance of Uniforms in the Workplace

The topic of uniformity can often make people feel like they have no sense of individuality while wearing said uniform, but there are many reasons why uniforms are important in the workplace and many benefits to the company and its’ employees by the implementation of staff wearing of uniforms. By having a uniform in the… Continue reading Importance of Uniforms in the Workplace

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Want to Promote Your Company?

If you need company uniforms or want to promote your business, here at Colours International we can help. We are the leading suppliers of affordable corporate apparel branded to suit your requirements. We can print or embroider your company identity for anything from uniforms, promotional clothing, event clothing and work wear. Visit today or email us… Continue reading Want to Promote Your Company?