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What is Embroidery

EMBROIDERY   What is Embroidery? Embroidery is the art of stitching your design onto whatever garments you require. With embroidery, the key ingredient is the stitch count and the size of your logo. In saying this, a left breast embroidery will cost less than a large embroidery on the back! Embroidery is most often seen on caps,… Continue reading What is Embroidery

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What is Screen Printing

SCREEN PRINTING What is Screen Printing? Screen printing is a print method that makes use of a ‘screen’ through which ink is pressed onto the surface of the fabric. This is a  technique that requires three things: A screen A squeegee  Ink Screen printing uses a polyester woven mesh to maintain an ink-blocking stencil in… Continue reading What is Screen Printing

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Wearing a uniform will make your mornings easier

Wearing uniforms for the office in the morning takes off time and energy, which is why the concept of a “work uniform”. Whether you’ve accepted a job where you’ll need to wear a uniform or if you’re involved in deciding whether to change your company’s dress code to require uniforms. There are many reasons why an employer… Continue reading Wearing a uniform will make your mornings easier

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Why Embroider Your Clothes

Why Embroider Your Clothes? Embroidery is a skill that has been in existence since the 5th Century, this is the time period when it became fashionable to wear decorated clothing. Because of the complexity of doing it properly, and the skills required to do so, embroidery was seen as a sign of high social standing… Continue reading Why Embroider Your Clothes

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Print or Embroider Your Christmas Gifts!

Are you stumped by a few people on your Christmas list? Do you give the same type of gifts every year but worry you’re becoming predictable? Why not give something you’ve had personalised that they will treasure always? The more personal a gift is, the more likely it will become something close to the recipient’s… Continue reading Print or Embroider Your Christmas Gifts!

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Benefits of Promotional Products

Every business owner wants to do their very best to make their business venture as successful and as profitable as it possibly can be. Promoting the brand name and company products can play a key role in the success of any business. Custom promotional products designed or printed with a company’s logo will help promote… Continue reading Benefits of Promotional Products

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Importance of Branding for Charities

As a Charity, the importance of having a recognisable brand cannot be stated highly enough. This is of the upmost importance, as it will make your charity stand out from the pack. Brand recognition is huge for any business, and a charity should be no different. There was a survey done recently with school children… Continue reading Importance of Branding for Charities

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“Summer is here and that time again to get those colours on…”

The time when we pull out that favourite colour Tee Shirt, Polo Shirt, Fleece or Hoodie....  that we all love to wear and relax in on these long lazy hazy summer days....   why not do something different this year and follow the recent reported "celebrity trend.." who are ditching  social media for a time...  the… Continue reading “Summer is here and that time again to get those colours on…”