DTG printing, What is

All you need to know about DTG

What is Digital Printing

Unlike traditional screen printing, digital print allows for non-minimum quantity. Full-colour photographic work and intricate designs are easily accomplished in greater detail. Economies of scale do not apply for digital printing due to the process involved. If you require a small run for a promo or upcoming photo shoot. digital printing is the way to go!

If you compare DTG and Screenprinting, you have to consider that the quality of the print is much, much lower. It will fade in the wash. It’s even more difficult to match colours since the printer has to mix everything itself. If you want to print on dark coloured shirts it costs extra to pretreat the shirt and do a white under the base that is probably going to show through on the edges of your design anyway. I guess if you don’t care about print quality, DTG is okay.


What are the Advantages of Digital Printing:

  • Setup costs are lower for short runs
  • Print only the amount you need, when you need it
  • Lower minimum quantities (as low as 1, 20 or 50 pieces)
  • Inexpensive black and white digital printing
  • Variable data capability (names, addresses, codes or numbering can be done easily)
  • Improved technology has made digital quality acceptable for more uses

What are the Cons of Digital Printing:

  • Not cost effective for extremely large batches
  • Limited design placement

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