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Wearing a uniform will make your mornings easier

Wearing uniforms for the office in the morning takes off time and energy, which is why the concept of a “work uniform”. Whether you’ve accepted a job where you’ll need to wear a uniform or if you’re involved in deciding whether to change your company’s dress code to require uniforms.

There are many reasons why an employer may have dress codes, for example, workers may be asked to wear a uniform to communicate a corporate image and ensure that customers can easily identify them which this can also be identified as branding. Often an employer will introduce a dress code for health and safety reasons, for example, healthcare workers may not be allowed to wear jewellery for safety reasons when around patients and certain clothing may not be allowed in factories while operating machinery.
As a new survey shows, women spend a year of their lives getting ready for work, isn’t crazy? Well, another advantage of uniforms is ‘time saver’ the fact that your options regarding what to wear to work are limited can make the process of getting ready to go to work much faster and easier.
” A lot of people seem to think women should be expected to adorn themselves differently each day” – Emily Peck
Another benefit of work uniforms is that they are budget-friendly, How? Why? Well, when you can wear the same thing every day, there’s no need to purchase a large number of different outfits to maintain variety in your daily wardrobe.


The big challenge:

Adapting to Workplace Uniforms

While going from being able to make your own decisions about what to wear to work to having to wear uniforms can take some time to get used to., but once you see how much time and money you save,  you’ll probably wish that you’d worked in an environment with a uniform policy from the day you started your first job.

As a subject area, Dress codes are becoming more important in the workplace due to a number of legal cases being highlighted in the media and uncertainties amongst employers and employees about what dress code is acceptable.


Here at Colours International, we have plenty of options for you. Look at our women corporate and work wear options:

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For more information:
Visit our website: www.colours.ie
Contact us at: info@colours.ie or +353 (01) 450 4377

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