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Why Embroider Your Clothes

Why Embroider Your Clothes?

Embroidery is a skill that has been in existence since the 5th Century, this is the time period when it became fashionable to wear decorated clothing. Because of the complexity of doing it properly, and the skills required to do so, embroidery was seen as a sign of high social standing throughout the Medieval Islamic lands. To have embroidered garments was synonymous with wealth and power.   Embroidered items found their way onto many types of apparel from clothing to handkerchiefs and horse trappings, it branched out massively as the skill became more widespread.

While embroidery is a difficult and time-consuming process to carry out, it is not just resigned to small designs on small areas of the cloth. The Bayeux Tapestry measures an enormous 230 feet in length and depicts five separate scenes from the Norman conquest of England, all of it embroidered on linen cloth.

Embroidery is desirable because it is far more hard wearing than simply colouring a garment, and has distinct possibilities for creating recurring patterns and shapes. An embroidered design can take a piece of cloth and transform it into something wonderful, colourful and textural.

Embroidery is also very flexible and can be performed on anything that can be made into a yarn.  While most modern embroidery is done using cotton, it can also be completed using threads of wool, silk, and linen.

Today, embroidery is carried out by computer programmable machines which can be set up to deliver the same design over and over, and all at a relatively low cost. These machines are both cost-effective and offer high flexibility in design and colouring.

There are numerous advantages of using embroidery. Here are six of the most often cited:

  • It is attractive: – Professionally applied embroidery will always look skilful and will enhance whatever material it has been applied to.
  • It is hard wearing: – Embroidered cloth can be subjected to scrapes and rubs that would severely damage other methods of decoration.
  • It is colourful: – Multiple coloured threads can be incorporated into a design making it extremely eye-catching and attractive.
  • It is flexible: – Embroidery can be successfully applied to the lightest of materials, meaning that eye-catching designs can be incorporated to a wide range of different items of clothing.  For example, embroidery can be applied to caps and hi-visibility clothing to make pictures and text really stand out.
  • It induces strength: – Embroidery can be used to reinforce certain areas of a garment such as buttonholes and hems, this will add a classic design while increasing durability.
  • It can create pictures: – The embroidery machines that are used today can reproduce almost any logo or picture that is desired, complete with original colours. This means that embroidery can be used to create team garments and work-inspired products. When the design has been created and embroidered once, the machine will just make a carbon copy of that design and reproduce it as many times as is requested.

Embroidery may seem costly at first, but given its advantages over other methods of decorating cloth, it is well worth its price tag.


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