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Print or Embroider Your Christmas Gifts!

Are you stumped by a few people on your Christmas list? Do you give the same type of gifts every year but worry you’re becoming predictable? Why not give something you’ve had personalised that they will treasure always? The more personal a gift is, the more likely it will become something close to the recipient’s heart.

Here are some fantastic gift ideas that you can have personalised with printing or embroidery that will be a refreshing change from the usual gifts.

Embroidered Christmas Stockings – If a friend or relative has had a new baby, you should consider presenting them with their very first Christmas stocking. You can have the year and something like “Darren’s First Christmas” embroidered on it. They are not only for new babies, as they can be a nice gift for any member of the family. Instead of the same old red with white trim, you could opt for work boots or ballet slippers with special holiday messages embroidered on them.

A Love Story – There are lots of great sites out there that will allow you to make a gift book. You can present your significant other with your love story, make a thank you book for a friend or create a story staring your kids. There’s also a great site where kids can make gift books of their own, complete with their own drawings, what grandparent could resist this?

Custom Pillows– Newlyweds, kids, even college students will get a kick out of these. You can have any design or special words embroidered on pillowcases to give some personality to a room. Newlywed cases are very romantic and unique, with some featuring meaningful love quotes that begin on one pillow and end on the other. Kids can have their favorite cartoon character or stick figures of them playing soccer, they’ll be the envy of their friends at every sleepover with designs like these on their pillows. College students can rock their school team mascot or logo, favorite band name or lyrics to a favorite song. The possibilities of design and customisation are truly endless.

Sitting Pretty– Whether you’re shopping for a fella who loves to fish, a sports nut that goes to every game or a music lover who catches every concert; a chair or cushion that’s easy to carry might be much appreciated. Stadium seating, or worse, a muddy lakeside is no fun to sit on, so why not give them a slice of the cushy life by giving them something comfortable to sit on. And while you’re at it, you may as well have it embroidered with their name or favourite football team. Don’t forget sports moms, keep them comfortable as they cheer their kids on, and let everyone know who they’re rooting for by personalising their comfy chair.

Tech Friendly– From young children to teenagers, everyone has some sort of device for work, play or communication these days. While buying iPads for everyone on your list might be a little expensive, you can get some wonderful covers and skins for every device and personality. Go one step further by designing your own and have them printed and delivered to your loved one just in time for Christmas.


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