Importance of Uniforms in the Workplace

The topic of uniformity can often make people feel like they have no sense of individuality while wearing said uniform, but there are many reasons why uniforms are important in the workplace and many benefits to the company and its’ employees by the implementation of staff wearing of uniforms.

By having a uniform in the workplace the company gets a clearer sense of brand and free advertising, as well as giving the business a perception of being professional. From multinational giants like McDonalds down to a small local business with a basic logo on their uniforms, their brands are being worn and, therefore, promoted by their staff.

Uniforms can also eliminate the hassle of deciding what to wear for the employee and they eliminate the extra cost of a person buying clothes specifically for work. Many companies provide their employees with a free uniform so there is no extra expense on the employee.

In a lot of businesses uniforms are compulsory. Nurses in hospitals are immediately recognisable by their attire, doctors by their white coats, and surgeons by their scrubs, giving patients a sense of security as they can visibly see that they are surrounded by professionals. Police officers on the street are instantly recognisable by their uniforms, and that uniform commands a sense of respect from the public.

Hotels and restaurants, more often than not, have a compulsory dress code for their employees which, again, helps to give the consumer a perception of the business as a professional one. The use of name badges along with these uniforms give customers a more personal perception of their experience with the business.

Uniforms strengthen a brand image. Take, for example, the internationally recognised sports brand of Manchester United. The players on the team wear the same red jersey, their colours and logo are recognised internationally. Supporters of the team can buy Manchester United jerseys from sports shops, not because its’ compulsory but because they want to be announce themselves as a supporter of the team and to feel like they are like part of the Manchester United group. The same can be said of many sports groups such as college football team and basketball teams to name just a few.

Another benefit of uniforms in the workplace it a psychological one. Employees feel like they belong, like they a part of something bigger. If employees are treated well in the workplace, for example are acknowledged when they do a good job, they will often repay this by ‘living the brand’. This means that they will work well for the company and often go the extra mile when representing that company by being extra pleasant to customers, which in turn gives the customer an experience they will want to repeat and create repetitive business.

Even the implementation of a shirt and tie dress code in an office is beneficial. The employee will be in a ‘work mode’ when in that attire as opposed to the relaxed mode that a person associates with their own plain clothes.

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