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Importance of Branding for Charities

As a Charity, the importance of having a recognisable brand cannot be stated highly enough. This is of the upmost importance, as it will make your charity stand out from the pack.

Brand recognition is huge for any business, and a charity should be no different. There was a survey done recently with school children as the focus. Each child was shown a number of brand logos, and nothing more. They were asked to name the business that the logo referred to. Of all the logos shown, there were very few wrong answers amongst all the children. This is the power of brand recognition.

It may be a good idea to hire somebody in the graphic design field, to help create your logo. There are many sites online, where graphic designers work on a freelance basis. This is a very convenient option and is usually many times less expensive than hiring a design company to complete the project. The results should be just as good as those that a big design company could produce and even if the design you are presented with is not to your taste, the service would have been so inexpensive that you could afford to deploy a trial and error approach with more than one designer to complete the project.

It is a good idea to incorporate elements of what your charity is about, into the logo, if at all possible. This will help with associating the brand with your charity. Also, use of colour will be very important, so choose wisely! You could do some research prior to commencing, to see how other charities and business create a brand for themselves. You could take inspiration from this to help guide your graphic designer in making up your logo. And your designer will need quite a bit of direction from you, to ensure you are both on the same page with regard to what the expected outcome should be. With this in mind, regular communication between you and your contractor will be vital.

A logo is a good idea to create brand recognition also, as so many charities out there are known by abbreviations or their initials. Using this method could see your charity getting lost in the pack. You need to stand out from the rest, so branding is very important.

When you have your brand or logo completed, you can go about the task of placing it on all associated items, such as stationery. Also, you could have t shirts created, in the colour of the logo or brand that your charity workers or voluntary’s can wear. This will help create brand awareness, both in every day work, and in charity events such as marathons and fund raisers. In time, you will find that your charity is instantly recognisable by its logo and branding alone. This is why it is worth the initial time, work and effort creating your charity’s logo.

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