Colours International

“Summer is here and that time again to get those colours on…”

The time when we pull out that favourite colour Tee Shirt, Polo Shirt, Fleece or Hoodie….  that we all love to wear and relax in on these long lazy hazy summer days….   why not do something different this year and follow the recent reported “celebrity trend..” who are ditching  social media for a time…  the celebs it seems these days are “saying it on the Tee..”    instead of  on Twitter and other social media channels…. just look at L’il Mo…  who recently has taken to expressing herself and her comments printed on her Tee Shirt and Hoodies…!!!
Do you have something you wanna say or communicate a point in a “non verbal” way but just as effective….?  then why not Let print what you want to say on a Tee Shirt, Sweatshirt or Hoodie….
This current trend is not new to us a…. we  have been printing what people want to say on Tee Shirts, Sweats and Hoodies for over 20 years now and we think we are pretty expert at it now…!!  We have a broad range of clothing that we can customize with your own personal message… so you can express yourself and be fashionable at the same time.  Or perhaps you have a whole group or team that all need to express a message or comment or advertise a special event etc etc…   then we would love to hear from you and show you what we can do…
We have a very experienced team of people including Designers who can help formalize your concept or design idea.. through to our fast and efficient production team…  we deliver a quality product at a competitive price and on time, every time….    Why not give a call and ..   Let print what you want to say and wear…….”

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